Introduction to Butyl Products Group

Butyl Products Group is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of liquid storage systems, water treatment and testing kits, and have been actively involved with the Global Humanitarian Aid sector since the mid-1970s.

BPG redesigned their existing water storage tanks for Oxfam in 1974 and the “Oxfam Tank” remains the preferred choice for remote applications for emergency and development situations.

The company has successfully supplied these tank systems and accessories to IFRC, ICRC, MSF, Oxfam, UNICEF, USAID and other leading agencies under long term agreements and remain the preferred choice for large kits in emergencies.


BPG’s portfolio has increased over time to include water treatment solutions with long-standing partnerships with Aquatabs and P&G Purifier of water sachets and most recently the Grifaid Family and Community filters.

The company continues to develop a global network of approved suppliers and business development agents to assist in supporting local supplies with trusted brands and are currently represented in around 20 locations. Each location is different, and the stock levels are based on the local activity within that region.

As well as manufacturing galvanised steel water storage tanks, BPG also produce water storage bladders, pumps and distribution kits and a wide range of bespoke emergency aid kits to suit their client’s requirements.

BPG offer an unrivalled bespoke manufacturing solution to enable customers to receive systems that suits their applications.  With an extensive portfolio of products, they can provide a concept to completion solution to the required specifications, supported by their Global Network.