Aquabox and Syria

In the past two years Aquabox has sent 3,422 family Aquabox Golds and 143 GrifAid® Community water filters to people in need in Syria. As over 60 items of humanitarian aid go into each Aquabox Gold, this means that we have sent over 200,000 aid items. The water filters sent equate to over 14 million litres of safe drinking water, which is approximately 56 million cups full. The Aquaboxes have been distributed in Syria by some of our wonderful partner organisations: Muslim Aid, Hand in Hand for Syria يدا بيد لنبني سوريا and Congreg’n des Freres Maristes.

Help us do more by spreading the word about what Aquabox does to provide disaster relief.

#Aquabox #Syria #CommunityFilter #FamilyFilter #HumanitarianAid

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