Safe Water In Iraq: Acted Case Study #2 – Unfinished Building, Hawaritaza, Kifri

This is the second in our series of case studies showing the needs of IDP’s in Iraq. The text and images that follow are extracts from a report prepared by Ciara Noone the ACTED WASH Program Manager responsible for the region:

2. Unfinished building, Hawaritaza, Kifri

22 families (125 people) are currently living in an unfinished building in Hawaritaza after they fled the tensions in Qarataba. There are no latrines or washing facilities and currently the families are using the facilities of neighbours.

Furthermore, the sanitation facilities of their neighbours often do not at minimum standards. The families require infrastructure to improve their sanitation condition: four latrines and four washing facilities (gender separated) and a hand washing basin per household. In order to allow the families to improve their hygiene practices, they require one hygiene kit per family, waste bins and baby kits.

They are in need of a reliable safe water supply, and also need water storage: four 2000L water tanks, 44 jerry cans and 22 buckets. Each family needs a water heating unit to cope with the current conditions. The also site requires drainage works, currently grey water is stagnating and attracting vectors, which will create a health risk.

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