Appeals – Summer 2018

Our current Appeals are for 2 smaller volunteer led local charities.

The Wamala Project, who, from their donations, have taken around 100 Grifaid Family filters to a very poor rural area in Uganda. They have introduced a health education programme including water filters and improved latrines and health education. This has resulted in the death of children between 0-5 years dropping from around 30-40% to less than 5%. Your donations will sponsor more Family filters so more families, in a larger area can have clean water.

The Littlestone Trust. We have worked with this charity for over 5 years and went with them to Rwanda to see the filters in use and help in their distribution. They are now involved in helping the refugees who have fled from South Sudan to a large refugee camp Uganda and we are confident that the filters will be used by people who need them most. Your donation will help these desperate people to have safe water and reduce the spread of cholera, typhoid and other water-borne diseases.

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