Urgent Appeal - Democratic Republic of Congo


Democratic Republic of Congo not only suffers from Covid, but families in the Uvira area had devastating floods, resulting in loss of life, houses being washed away and dysentery.

Pastor Jean Pierre, who we met in Rwanda, has sent this appeal for Family filters “When our country (the DRC) is going through a difficult moment caused by covid-19, this is another misfortune that comes to add to our brothers in Uvira. Several residential houses, human lives, schools and churches were taken, and many injured. There are now many families on the street and many spent their first night yesterday under the stars. The number of deaths currently recorded amounts to 25 people. Other bodies have not yet been found. The number could go up anytime soon”. He also sent the attached photos showing the desperate situation.

We (Grifaid) are committed to supply 4 pallets of filters in boxes of 8, to give a total of 576 filters. These filters will be flown to Rwanda and then, accompanied by the Pastor, travel to where they are needed. They will be distributed by community nurses who we helped to train when we met them when we were in Rwanda this January.

Can you help - £28 will sponsor one filter including transport (at our subsidised price )

In emergencies we know of 100 people using one family filter, but we consider the average is 16 people which is £1.75 a person providing safe water for over 5 years.

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