Grifaid Family Filter successfully tested in South Sudan

A recent ASIMO WASH team demonstration of the Grifaid Family Filter has been carried out in two locations along the Nile River in South Sudan. Community members from Lologo 1 and Juba Nabari learnt how to use the filtration system to produce safe drinking water.

The field test which was carried out evaluate the effectiveness of our filter, has provided positive results, successfully removing bacteria and other pollutants from waste water. The exercise demonstrated the efficiency of the filter in the field, providing a viable solution for hard to reach communities where safe drinking water is not readily available.

The Water quality monitoring unit in the Ministry of Urban Water & Irrigation Lab Office received sample bottles of the treated water and have certified that the Grifaid Filter has met the water quality requirements as per WHO and the South Sudan drinking water quality guidelines.

We are pleased to see the positive results and look forward to further developing our relationship with partners in South Sudan!

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