DSCF2192 test results. Microbes cultured

Testing for e.coli before and after filtration  during a field trip to Ghana in 2015


Grifaid® Family and Community Filters have been in use in two sites in The Gambia for years. Their performance has been periodically monitored and after inspecting them in June 2013, it was concluded that:


“To date filters have lasted four years with no sign of coming to the end of their working life. On the basis of these results it is predicted that they should last at least 5 years. Continued evidence may extend this prediction.”



Tests were also conducted at Newcastle University in 2011/2012 on a Grifaid® Family Filter to test the effectiveness of cleaning procedures. This was done in two stages:


  1. The feed water was dosed with mud, and the filter operated automatically until it became clogged. Cleaning procedures produced 100% recovery in flow rate.

  2. The feed water was dosed with live yeast to replicate biological contaminants, and the filter was operated automatically until it became clogged. The cleaning procedure achieved an 80% recovery.